Gamble Responsibly

Gambling Responsibly Overview

We have developed the following policy to lay out our approach toward responsible gambling and in doing so helping to minimise any harm to consumers. Our betting operations are governed by this policy.

“Responsible Gambling” aims to ensure gambling activities are managed in a way that minimises the potential for harm associated with problem gambling. The objective is to enable customers and persons to make informed decisions about their levels of participation in gambling. In cases where harm has occurred due to gambling, easily accessible help & support services are available.

Responsible gambling respects the responsibility of both individuals for their own actions whilst acknowledging a responsibility on the part of the service provider.

"Problem Gambling" may be in evidence when a consumer that lacks control over their gambling activities. The potential signs and negative impacts of such gambling could include:

  1. Uncontrolled spending and suffering excessive financial losses in relation to the their means
  2. A significant amount of time spent on gambling activities
  3. Impacts to employment and/or college performance
  4. Impacts on family and/or friends activities and reduced time spent with them
  5. Hiding gambling behaviour.

We want you to enjoy our services and at the same time we aim to care for our customers by promoting responsible gambling. For most people gambling is a pleasurable form of entertainment and the aim is to achieve a balanced approach in the provision of our services whilst taking into account our customers, the wider community and our ourselves as the provider of gaming services.

Responsible Gambling Policy

We are committed to sharing responsibility to help with problem gamblers to help identify and acknowledge their problem and to seek help where needed. We do this in the following ways:

  1. Self Exclusion Option. Providing the ability for our customers to self-exclude from using our gambling services.
  2. Gambling Limits. Providing the ability for our customers to limit their weekly deposits.
  3. Age Limits. The services that we provide are designed to appeal to and be used by persons who are at 18 years of age or older. Verification of this age limit is required before commencing gambling activities.
  4. Information. Via the provision of Responsible Gambling information and messages.
  5. Staff Training. Training our employees about Responsible Gambling at induction and at least every two years.
  6. Customer Reference. Referring customers that are at risk to support services for gambling with links on the website.

In undertaking the above activities we aim to minimise the extent gambling may harm an individual and the wider community as well as allowing anyone with a gambling issue to have access to appropriate information and assistance where needed.


Whilst using our services, if you believe that that you are gambling excessively and would like help to restrict your access to our betting services we are able to offer the following options:

  1. Set a self-imposed bet limit: This allows you to set a weekly limit on the amount the site will allow you to bet. Once set, the site will only allow you to increase the limit, once per week. You can set the bet limit from your profile page.
  2. Bet exclusions: We can disable your account from betting all together. Simply contact us here with your details and we will disable your account.

Where Can You Get Help

There are a number of services that can be accessed to assist with problem gambling including:

Additionally, you can visit the following sites:

Alternatively, you can contact us here and we can provide further information of gambling support providers within your area.

These terms were last updated on 09/02/2016