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Drafting, relegating, keeper competitions, mid-season drafts, trading, custom scoring, rolling lockouts and more...

TheBench is a premium experience to Draft style Fantasy Footy. We specialise in Fantasy Footy and so are first and foremost dedicated to providing you the best experience possible - Fantasy Footy is our premium product so we don't use Fantasy Footy just to promote our other services.

TheBench is the perfect choice if you have run your custom competition through a spreadsheet in the past and are looking to bring it online and stream-line your work.

Run multiple Competitions in the same League, relegating and promoting Clubs between seasons, run multiple drafting models, mid-season drafts and keeper style competitions - you control the rules.

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Your Rules, Your Sport

Play Fantasy Sports the way it was intended to be played - your rules, with your mates. Now for AFL, NRL and Super Rugby.

Play Fantasy Sports the way it was intended to be played - your rules, with your mates. TheBench™ is a customisable Draft based Fantasy Sports site that you can create your own private Competitions for your mates, work colleagues, worst enemies or whoever you might like to invite. The hard work is done for you automatically but you are in control.

You no-longer have to put up with Fantasy Sports games with unrealistic rules that are overly complicated and that require a bachelor degree in statistical analysis to be competitive. TheBench™ continues to be the hub or premium AFL Fantasy Footy and with the support of NRL CEO, TheBench™ will also support NRL and Super Rugby.

Create a League:

Learn how to setup a basic League on TheBench™.

Basic Setup:

Learn how to setup a basic competition on TheBench™

Running the Draft:

Learn about running a live draft as a Competition Manager and Coach

Positions and Scoring:

All you need to know about setting up custom positions and scoring rules