About Us

TheBench™ has been in operation since 2004 providing an advanced and highly customisable web based Fantasy Sports site offering a superior experience for sports fans of all levels. TheBench™ places an emphasis on keeping the game play simple, easy and enjoyable while still being rewarding for a dedicated and well-researched Coach.

Our vision is to continue to innovate and evolve Fantasy Sports with games and options to allow you to tailor your experience to fit your needs. Many of our Coaches come from managing their own unique Competitions in an excel spreadsheet and come to TheBench™ as it allows them to continue to play their game the way they want to, with their own rules.

We are a team of sports nuts with many years of experience in Fantasy Sports. We are keen to continue to provide you the best Fantasy Sport experience on the web. We specialise in Fantasy Footy and so are first and foremost dedicated to providing you the best experience possible. Fantasy Footy is our premium product and we don't use Fantasy Footy just to promote our other services.

Should you have ANY suggestions for enhancements to the platform please do not hesitate to contact us here