TheBench™ Feature List

TheBench lets you customise your fantasy footy experience like no other platform in the Australian Market. Below is a list some of the features:

Feature Standard Leagues Custom League
iPhone App
Waiver Wire
Provide better and fairer control of drafting and delisting players during the season with the Waiver Wire. Delisted players will be added to the waiver wire giving lower ranked coaches first right of refusal to draft them.
Customer Ladder Modes
The ladder is sorted by wins and draws but then is sorted by your choice of score for/against percentage, score for/against difference or just plain score for.
Online or Off-line Draft
Run your draft online with the build in tools or run your draft live-off/off-line and enter later with the Admin Tools. Or a combination of both
Online Draft Management Console for Competition Managers
For Competition Managers, we have great tools for running, monitoring and controlling your draft.
Draft Management iPad Display
We have a full screen mode for the Draft Console that is perfect as a heads up display on the iPad to track the draft progress. Project it to a large screen for live updates of your draft.
Set Draft Preferences in Advance
Setup draft preferences in advance to keep the draft moving quickly.
Advanced Draft Preferences
Setup advanced draft preferences, allowing you to specify lists of players to pick from for particular draft picks.
Player Wiki
Get details information about each player including pictures, bio and historical statistical performance.
Custom Field Positions
Set any field position you like. 2 Forwards, 3 Backs or something completely different and unique.
Captain Positions
Setup captain positions to let your coaches nominate a key position to get a bonus score.
Tools for the bye
Tools for dealing with byes including the ability to disable positions for particular rounds or disable particular rounds all together.
Custom Positions Scoring Rules
Define the rules that govern you scoring for each position. eg. a foward = 6 x goals + points.
Custom Coach Avatar Upload (not just a selection of colours Jumpers!)
Score Projections
Get a head-to-head projection of the likely result of the next game you are to play to help you fine tune your team.
Position Restrictions
Set restrictions on where players can be picked. eg. Jonothan Brown can only be picked as a Forward. Competition Managers of Custom Leagues have control to edit and administer.
Keeper Competition Support
If your Competition keeps all or part of their Squad season to season, TheBench can support either.
Custom Finals Systems
Choose the finals system and number of Clubs.
Custom Fixture
Customise the fixture to set particular clubs to play each other for specific rounds. You can also create additional games during the final for the clubs who didn't make the cut.
Rolling Lockouts
When enabled (configurable by League Admins), coaches will be able to continue to pick players up until they take the field in their respective games.
Inter-club Trading
Trade between multiple Clubs
Setup trades between any number of Clubs in a simultaneous trade.
Custom Squad Size -
Custom Clubs per Competition
Custom Draft Order
Competition Managers can set the order of the Draft.
Custom Draft Order Format
Have a unique order for your draft - we can support you.
Results Overrides
Competition Managers have access to change results after the game.
Manual Scoring
Have a round that you want to split or just have some reason to set the scores manually - no problem.
Draft Timeouts
Inter-League Banter
Link Banter between Leagues and Competitions.
Data Extract Reports
Want to get your data or results out of the system - no problem.
Player Research Tools
iPhone Notifications
iPad Compatible Interface
Advanced Competition/League Management Tools
SSL Security to protect your personal info
Costs $12 / club $12 / club